FATD Profile

The Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing (FATD) is the longest established dance teacher association in the Southern Hemisphere and is a foundation member body of the Australian Dancing Board. FATD runs successful local, state and national championships such as the South Pacific Dancesport Championships & National Capital Dancesport Championships.



FATD, having been established in Sydney in 1931 was originally under the name of The New South Wales Dancers Society. This name was changed to the more widely embracing Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing Australia in 1936, and further amended in 1937 with the addition of the words "and New Zealand." The Association became incorporated in 1981.


Our Purpose...

The Federal Association exists principally to provide assistance with the education of those interested in dance. To this end the Association endeavours to:


  • Promote interest in and knowledge of dance in its various forms.


  • Adhere to, and foster through its syllabi, a comparatively uniform system of instruction built upon universally recognised technicalities of dance, with which to develop the dancer in both leisure time and competitive spheres, and prepare those in pursuit of a dance teaching career.


  • Promote the retention and upgrading of standards                                                    for dance educators.


  • Award, to teachers of dance, certificates of                                                  qualification based upon assessment by                                                     examination.


  • Provide examination services for other organisations,                                             and to utilise the examination facilities of other                                       organisations, which are pertinent to the accreditation                                               of specific subjects associated with dance education.



Panel of Directors 

Jan Blanch

Neville Boyd OAM

Penny De Kauwe

Vevil De Kauwe

Brian Duncan

Catherine Field

Robert Field

Elaine Gardner




Mc Robert JP





Life Members 

Alan Glynn

Doreen Kay-Sewell

Karen Latham

Michael Maher

Don Mc Robert JP

Lorraine Perkins

Valerie Randell


Margaret Reeve

Ray Reeve

Bob Steele

Leigh Steele

Peter Todd

Gaye Shovelton

Janette McKenzie



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